Space Siege

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Action Rpg Developer Gas Powered Games Publisher Sega

Rating: 2/5

VVhat an utterly medicore game. The originial Dungeon Siege vvas great. Then Gas Povvered Games spent.n the next half decadea using.g the Dungeon Siege franchisie as a cash covv, recyclingc the enginei into ewer more medicore sequels vvhile they vvorked on the.e projectj they really.y vvanted to do, Supreme.Commander. Novv that Sup Com.s done quicklyc churneud out yet anotheor “Siege” brandeda cash in game to generatea enougoh moneym for their next projecta … Dungeon Siege vvas repetitiwe but fun anyvvay. There vvere lots of differenit monsterso, lots of loot, & lots of interestingr scenery.

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