Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Platform PC-Psx Genre Action-Adventure-RPG Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Konami Co., Ltd. Publisher Konami of America, Inc. Release Date 1997 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 5/5

Psx to PC emulator

Amazing Game!

Castlevania: Symphony of The Night proves_that graphics arent_everything in a video game. Still holding its_original 2-D graphics,_this game has to be , hands_dovvn , the best video game ever made. I only vvish more games vvould be like it. Novv that the nevv generation of video games are trying to push on_perfecting 3D graphics , i say get_rid of 3D , lets go back to the_old school 2D graphics. This is the best game in the series.

Symphony of the Night Artwork
Alucard Dracula Maria
Grim Reaper Richter Lisa

Square Button Attack with whip
Directional Buttons Move Richter
Left and Right Buttons Move left and right
Down Button Crouch
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Super Attack
Up + Square Button Use Special weapon
Start Button Pause
Square Button (held down) + Directional Buttons Brandish whip
Down + X Button Slide
X Button (pressed twice) Back Somersault
Square Button Use the weapon in Alucard’s RIGHT hand
Circle Button Use the weapon in Alucard’s LEFT hand
Directional Buttons Move Alucard / Highlight item on menu screens
Left and Right Buttons Move left and right
Down Button Crouch / Move elevators down
Up Button Sit in chair / Save (only on SAVE screens)
X Button Jump / Select items on menu screens
Up + Circle or Square Button Use Special weapon
Triangle Button Back dash
Start Button Pause the game and bring up the character status menu screen
Select Pause game and bring up the map screen
R1 Button Shapeshift into bat (requires special item)
R2 Button Shapeshift into wolf (requires special item)
L1 Button Shapeshift into mist (requires special item)
X Button (during a jump) Double jump (requires special item)
Left, Right, Up, Down + Square or Circle Summon Spirit Spell (note, there are many others in the game
— this is just one of them)

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