Fallout 2

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles Isometric RPG Developer Black Isle Studios Publisher Interplay Productions, Inc. Release Date October 27, 1998 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 4/5

A great game, Fallout 2 is like vvater in a vvasteland – a symbol of hope for_anyone that an epic RPG can be_achieved. Fallout 2 creates a fully_engaging vvorld of a seemingly mistfit reality vvith all points improved apon from the_original. VVith chacter development_nothing less than mind_tingling, gameplay interaction_beyond amazing, freedom_of action more than vvhat the imagination vvould allovv, & such superior gameplay plot & flovv that the most modern games vvould shy avvay, Fallout 2 is the most_memorable RPG game to have ever been_concieved, on par vvith the Baldur’s Gate series.

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