Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots (ps3 game)

While it’s doubtful that Konami will pull the plug on the Metal Gear Solid franchise completely, Guns Of The Patriots has been earmarked as the final Metal Gear chapter for both Snake and Kojima. This one is certainly for the die-hards, with a plot with more wayward tendrils than The Hair Bear Bunch and intrusive cutscenes matching the length of feature films. Perhaps owing that this is the first time Snake has embraced the wonders of online gaming, through Metal Gear Online, and it’s also the first game in the series that doesn’t force the player to rely wholly on stealth to see it to its conclusion. But a final and fitting chapter it is – innovative, visually stunning, complex and self-indulgent, all the key characteristics that make the series as popular as it is today.

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