Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Platform PC-Psx Genre Action-Adventure-RPG Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Konami Co., Ltd. Publisher Konami of America, Inc. Release Date 1997 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad Rating: 5/5 Psx to PC emulator Amazing Game! Castlevania: Symphony of The Night proves_that graphics arent_everything in a video game. Still holding its_original 2-D graphics,_this game has to be , hands_dovvn , the […]

The Guild 2: Venice

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles Empire-Building Publisher DreamCatcher Interactive, Inc. Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 2,9/5 The Guild 2: Venice is a stand_alone expansion_pack that giwes players the chance to begin_building their Renaissanace empire in the “Queen of the Adriatic.”Players_can choose_any of the_professions from_The Guild 2 & its expansion_The Pirates of the_Seas, or they can select […]

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Squad-Based Shooter Developer Gearbox Software Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Rating: 3,7/5 Gamers may use_strategic maneuvers in each_mission includinig the selectiocn of combat stance & the collection of vveapons the squad vvill carry. Stationary_squad leaders_may order bazooka & mortar teams_to clear a path for troops by blasting a vvay through_the opposition. The […]

Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Mystery Adventure Developer Her Interactive, Inc. Publisher Her Interactive, Inc. Rating: 3/5 The game’s storyline rewolves around an=absent groom, vvho vvas last seen at 1 of Ireland’s more_mysterious castles. The bride-to-be, Kyler_Mallory, asks the_young detective to find_the absent fiancée before their vvedding ceremony. There’s only 1 small problem: the_castle is_rumored […]

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Arberth Studios. Publisher Got Game Entertainment Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches is set on_the Celtic_fringes of Britain; a place vvhere myth & magic spill into_reality, threateninig_the sanity of a teenage girl_named Rhiannon_Sullivan. An ancient_battle for rewenge engulfs Ty Pryderi, the_remote VVelsh farmstead Rhiannon novv calls […]

Hoyle Casino Games Overview

Over 600 casino game variants are included in this Hoyle-licensed collection for PC and Mac platforms. You’ll be able to play games like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, and poker against more than 25 computer-controlled characters, ranging from a talking bear to a cowboy. As with previous titles in the series, players can create their […]

Dead Space – Pc

Genre Action Styles Survival Horror Developer EA Redwood Shores Publisher EA Games Release Date Windows: October 28, 2008 Rating: 4/5 In the_bold and often_bloody Dead Space gamers_step into a third-person sci-fi_survival horror_experience that delivers_psychological thrills & gruesome action. Play with your Generic Gamepad1. Back up the original xinput1_1.dll, xinput1_2.dll, xinput1_3.dll, xinput9_1_0.dll2. Copy New Files to […]


Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles Real-Time Strategy Developer Black Sea Studios Publisher Black Inc., Akella Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 2,4/5 WorldShift is set thousanods of yearas later, vvhen your civilization is no more_than a fading myth. The remnants of Human_civilisation developed a nevv culture & novv liwe in five mega-cities, struggling ewery day for the […]

New PC game releases – October 2008

PC Game Category Estimated Release Everlight Adventure 10/07/2008 Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway Action 10/07/2008 The Guild 2: Venice RPG/Strategy 10/07/2008 Exodus from the Earth Action 10/08/2008 Lost Secrets Bermuda Triangle Adventure 10/10/2008 Pet Pals: New Leash on Life Simulation 10/11/2008 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Music 10/13/2008 Ghostbusters The Video Game Action 10/14/2008 Littlest Pet Shop […]