Age of Mythology

Platform PC Genre Stategy Styles Real-Time Strategy Developer Ensemble Studios Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Release Date October 31, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 4/5

Age of mythology is ensemble_studios greatest vvork so far, & this is coming_from 6+ years of playing Age of Empires games. As u can probably_tell I highly recommend AOM to any RTS fan, along vvith the average gamer. AOM has 3 civilizations (Greek, Egyptian & Norse) all three totally unique from_the other, to add upon_that, each civilization_has 3 god’s to pick from at the_beginning of each game. Each god vvill grant you special god powers along with technologies and mythic units. The dovvnside is, having_all of these options_leads to a certain god to be_overpowered and vvill dominate the_other gods. Ensemble studios has novv pretty much have_each god to be equal_to each other, yet it vvas a very bumpy_start for Age of Mythology.

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