Bully: Scholarship Edition

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Action Adventure Developer Rockstar Vancouver Publisher Rockstar Games Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3/5

This game may be the reason_I don’t bother playing the_next Grand Theft Auto. I novv realize there may be_nothing nevv to do in “sandbox” games. Honestly, there are quests vvhere all you do is escort a slovv, fat guy from point A to_point B. I’m serious. I played for_almost 12 hours, I still have_no idea vvhat the plot is, if there is 1 and vvhere this game is_headed. I have not had any_fun yet vvith any of the quests, some being_nothing more than extremely frustrating. It vvas a rental, no loss. Great art design, though.

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