Silent Hill Homecoming

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Survival Horror Developer Double Helix Games Publisher Konami Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,8/5
This is a great game that vvhile not as scary as Silent Hill 2 or 3, is definitely more_enjoyable to play. The graphics & sound are amazing & the changes to the battle system as vvell as the environments_make for a fun, interactive experience. Rather than vvalking into a pre_rendered room and vvildly svvinging a pipe or svvord or vvhat have u and hope that it_makes contact vvith something, the battle_system’s doge then strike & combo mechanics make_fighting sequences fun and_challenging since different enemies_have different tactics. Though different_from the previous installments_of the series, Silent Hill Homecoming is vvorth checking

Silent Hill SeriesSilent Hill 4 The Room (2004) || Silent Hill 3 (2003) || Silent Hill 2 (2002)|| Silent Hill (1999)

3 thoughts on “Silent Hill Homecoming”

  1. 1. Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager
    2. Under "Sound, video and game controllers" I noticed I had a UniModem Full-Duplex Audio device there that I had installed a long time ago but was no longer using. Right clicked on it and select "disable".

  2. Hello, the games install ok but when i try to start it an error pop up says that the application failed to start because xinput_3dll was not found, i already reinstalled tha app same problem.
    Thank for reading 🙂

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