Contra: Shattered Soldier

Platform PS2 – Playable on PC Genre Shooter Styles Side Scrolling Shooter Developer Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCET) Publisher Konami of America, Inc. Release Date October 23, 2002 Controls Gamepad/Keyboard /Joystick/ 1-2 Players

Rating: 4/5

Contra: Shattered Soldier is an_excellent sidescrolling shooter. Its execution is_polished & intuitive, & the stage_design is nicely_varied, full of cool boss fights & that_rarest of commodities in today’s gaming vvorld, a genuine challenge. If you can_take the heat & aren’t a series_purist looking for a verbatim repeat_of the exact same_Contra u played years_ago, this one’s for you.
System Requirements
Pcsx2 0.9.5 / Intel Pentium Dualcore or Amd 5600
Geforce 8500 or Ati 1600

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