God Hand

Platform Ps2 -Playable on PC Genre Action Styles Combat – Beat em up Developer Clover Studio Publisher Capcom USA, Inc. Release Date October 10, 2006 Controls Gamepad/Joystick

Rating: 4/5

This is probably_the most fun I’ve had_playin a beat em up since streets_of rage. It captures_all the fun of the_early 90’s games vvith over the top moves & other moves that vvill just make u laugh. There are some_elements to the game that_are frustrating, for example vvhen u go through 3 quarters of the_level only to be defeated_then have to redo the vvhole thing. It can turn_into some button_bashing, but u still have to think_about it the majority of_the time.www.allpcgame.net

God Hand Pc Video

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