Grand Ages: Rome

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles Real-Time Strategy Developer Haemimont Games. Publisher Kalypso Media / Viva Media Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3/5

There are sixteen differant military units to recruit & train, including_naval fleet, elephant cavalray, & barbarian mercenarias, & among the sixty architectural options_are such classik structures_as the Coliseum, Circus Maximas, & the Pantheon. The primary SP modes is a non_linear campaign spanning forty missions.
Grand Ages: Rome Game Screens

Minimum system requirements:
Windows XP or Vista, 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 / Athlon processor or better , DirectX 9 compatible 3D graphics card with 128MB Ram, GeForce 6600 (ATI 9600) or better
1 Gb RAM , 8 x DVD-ROM Drive , 1.5 Gb free hard disk space , DirectX 9.0c

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