Sword of Fargoal Synopsis

As a lone warrior in Sword of Fargoal, you enter maze-like catacombs, search the surrounding areas for treasure, and eliminate hordes of monsters. Action takes place from a 2D perspective, and each level is shrouded in darkness. When the warrior moves around the current location, that portion of the screen is uncovered. In order to obtain all the needed and important items, you’ll have to explore the entire floor.

When the current level is finished, a number of statistics are shown, such as the amount of experience points earned, the warrior’s level, the number of beacons collected and the amount of spells in the inventory. Spells include fire attacks, invisibility, and teleportation. In addition to sacks of gold and healing potions, there are a number of monsters that roam about. When a number of monsters have surrounded the warrior and he is a little low on hit points, the invisibility spell should be used.

Monsters include zombies, elves, dire wolves, and other horrific beasts. Armed with a powerful sword, the warrior must eliminate monsters as he sees fit. A turn-based battle ensues when the monster touches the warrior. An encounter message is then shown at the top of the screen. As with the encounter message, the warrior’s hit points are also shown along with the amount of damage he has inflicted on the monster. Spells can also be used.

When the warrior kills a foe, a number of experience points are added to the overall total. Level increases are awarded when enough experience has been accumulated. As the warrior obtains new levels, his hit points will increase, and he will become stronger.

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