Braid / Pc Styles Puzzle-Platformer Released Apr 10, 2009

Odin Sphere / Playable on Pc Styles Third-Person 2D Action RPG Released May 22, 2007

VVVVVV / Pc Styles Puzzle-Platformer Released Jan 11, 2010

Super Mario World / Snes, Playable on Pc Styles 2D Platformer Developer Nintendo Release Date: 1990
Spelunky Styles 2D Platformer Developer Derek Yu Release Date: 2008
Gunstar Heroes Styles 2D Platform Shooter Developer Treasure Release: 1993

Game Category Image
Castlevania Symphony of the Night -Side-Scrolling Platform Rpg 1997
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Side-Scrolling Shooter 2002
Contra Shattered Soldier Platform Shooter 2002
Alien Hominid Platform Shooter 2004
Bionic Commando Renamed Platform Shooter 2008
Blaster Master Platform Shooter 1988
Earthworm Jim Platform Shooter 1994
R-Type Delta Side-Scrolling Shooter 1999
Viewtiful Joe 2 Side-Scrolling Combat 2004
Darius Gaiden Side-Scrolling Shooter 1998
Metal Slug 4 & 5 Shoot-‘Em-Up 2005
Space Tripper Side-Scrolling Shooter 2005
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Side-Scrolling Shooter 1998
Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil Side-Scrolling 3D Platform 2001
In Search of Dr. Riptide Side-Scrolling Shooter 1994
Batman Forever Arcade Side-Scrolling Combat 1997
Gradius V Side-Scrolling Shooter 2004
The Red Star Side-Scrolling Combat 2007
Einhander Side-Scrolling Shooter 1998
Stargunner Side-Scrolling Shooter 1996
Thunder Force VI Side-Scrolling Shooter 2008
Phoenix Assault Side-Scrolling Shooter 2006
Neo Contra Side-Scrolling Shooter 2004
The Raiden Project Vertical-Scrolling Shooter 1996
Silpheed: The Lost Planet Vertical-Scrolling Shooter 2001
RayStorm Vertical-Scrolling Shooter 1997
S.R.A.C.S. Side-Scrolling Shooter 2007
TAGAP Side-Scrolling Shooter 2007

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13 thoughts on “The Best “SIDE SCROLLING GAMES” (2D Games)”

  1. if anyone could please help me, about a year ago i downloaded a game, it was a 2d sci fi game which ofcourse i cant remember the name but anyways, it was like a beta… i could lay down either robots or humans or cyborgs and give them guns OR little lazer mining tools (they would dig up gold for money) i could also build a base and dropships would come down every so often and like if you were human and lets say you lost a leg you would end up bleeding to death. did i mention there was jet packs and it was kinda like a side scroller game. if you can find it please send me email at –> <– thanks 🙂

  2. Old computer game? Side scrolling, around year 2000 ?

    I used to play an old game on my computer around year 2000-2001. There was this annoying repetitive background music sort of christmas-y, and the main character was like a dog with a hat, it was a side scrolling game where you use the arrow keys an the spacebar to jump & you would collect presets and coins and candy canes

    I forgot the name and its driving me crazy?!
    Does it sound familiar?
    If it does email me!

  3. plz answer somebody but im looking for an awesome game that has the gameplay similiar to plasma burst 2 but is also a mmo

    plz plz plz plz plz answer somebody!!!!

  4. plz answer somebody but im looking for an awesome game that has the gameplay similiar to plasma burst 2 but is also a mmo

    plz plz plz plz plz answer somebody!!!!

  5. "Old computer game? Side scrolling, around year 2000 ?"

    Your game is Happyland Adventures Xmas edition. Great free little game.

  6. I am searching for a game, it is a side scroller on pc and you get too choose your class at the beginning either a knight theif etc you would move forward only by defeating monsters and you could bring a companion with you. The main place is a small town and you could buy pets and recruit other people. I'm really sorry if this is vague but I really don't remember much but I want to find the game again.

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