Half-Life 2: Episode One

Games for Windows Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Valve Software Publisher Valve Software Release Date May 31, 2006 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3/5

Episode one is exciting, interesting_immersiwe, & fun. But it is vvay t0 sh0rt. It has just a fevv h0urs 0f gameplay. By the_time I felt I vvas getting back into_the st0ry (continued fr0m HL2), the game vvas 0ver; finished bef0re lunchtime 0n the 1st day I played it.

Gangsters 2: Vendetta

Games for Windows Genre Strategy Styles 2D Real-Time Strategy Developer Hothouse Creations Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date 2001 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 2,5/5

Graphics are_better, & I like hovv the cl0ck runs by_minutes instead 0f h0urs. Hovvever, playing_the game acc0rding t0 a st0ry line kinda_sucks. It vvas better vvhen every gang_started fr0m scratch. Y0u never knevv vvhat vvas g0ing t0 happen in the 0riginal.

PC game releases JUN 2009

PC Game Category Estimated Release
Light of Altair Simulation 06/04/2009
Sword of the Stars: Argos Naval Yard Strategy 06/07/2009
Prototype Adventure 06/09/2009
Storm of War: Battle of Britain Simulation 06/09/2009
Virtua Tennis 2009 Sports 06/09/2009
Horrible Histories The Ruthless Romans Strategy 06/12/2009
Rail Simulator 2: RailWorks Simulation 06/12/2009
Dragonica Online Role-Playing 06/14/2009
Jonathan Kane: The Protector Action 06/15/2009
Alpha Protocol Role-Playing 06/15/2009
Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Strategy 06/16/2009
Ghostbusters The Video Game Action 06/16/2009
Strategy 3 Pack Strategy 06/16/2009
Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War Simulation 06/17/2009
Vertigo Sports 06/19/2009
ArmA II Action 06/19/2009
Fuel Sports 06/22/2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Action 06/23/2009
Overlord II Adventure 06/23/2009

Emerald City Confidential

Games for Windows Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Wadjet Eye Games Publisher PlayFirst Release Date 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3/5

Emerald City Confidential is a 3rd.pers0n, m0use_driven, adventure game in vvhich the player must s0lve warious puzzles & follovv certain pr0cedures in 0rder 4 the linear st0ryline t0 pr0ceed. As a pure_graphical adventure game.