Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Games for Windows Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Techland Software Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Release Date 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: -/5

The game’s gunplay vvas designed ar0und giving the vveapons a s0lid, authentic feel vvhen fired. In additi0n t0 the single-player campaign, 0nline multiplayer m0des allovv gamers t0 fight it 0ut in cinema_inspired Western c0mbat.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Games for Windows Genre Action Styles Third-Person 3D Action Developer Activision, Inc. Publisher Beenox, Inc. Release Date 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 2,4/5

The single_player campaign giwes gamers a glimpse 0f the acti0n fr0m b0th perspectiwes 0f the 0ng0ing vvar, vvith players taking c0ntr0l 0f Bumblebee, 0ptimis Prime, 0r 0ther Aut0b0ts in 1 mission, then c0mmanding Starscream 0r Megatron in an0ther.

Atari Jaguar Games

Release Date Game Genre Style
1997 Aircars Shooter Vehicle Shooter
1994 Alien vs. Predator Shooter First-Person Shooter
1996 Attack of the Mutant Penguins Strategy Action Strategy
1995 Atari Karts Racing Go-Kart Racing
2000 BattleSphere Simulation Space Combat Sim
1994 Brutal Sports Football Sports Football (American)
1996 Breakout 2000 Action Ball and Paddle
1994 Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales Action Side-Scrolling Platform
1995 Cannon Fodder Shooter Overhead Free-Roaming Shooter
1994 Checkered Flag Racing Formula-1/Indy Racing
1994 Club Drive Racing Sports Car Racing
1993 Cybermorph Shooter First-Person Shooter
1996 Defender 2000 Shooter Side-Scrolling Shooter
1994 Doom Shooter First-Person Shooter
1995 Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Fighting 2D Fighting
1994 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Fighting 2D Fighting
1994 Evolution: Dino Dudes Puzzle Adventure Puzzle
1995 Fever Pitch Soccer Sports Soccer
1996 Fight For Life Fighting 3D Fighting
1995 Flashback: The Quest for Identity Adventure Action/RPG Adventure
1995 Flip-Out! Puzzle Action Puzzle
1995 Hover Strike Shooter First-Person Shooter
2000 Hyper Force Shooter Platform Shooter
1995 I-War Shooter Vehicle Shooter
1994 Iron Soldier Simulation Giant Robot Sim
1997 Iron Soldier 2 Simulation Giant Robot Sim
1994 Kasumi Ninja Fighting 2D Fighting
2005 MadBodies Shooter Fixed Screen Shooter
1995 Missile Command 3D Shooter Fixed Screen Shooter
1996 NBA Jam T.E. Sports Basketball
1995 Pinball Fantasies Traditional 2D Pinball
1995 Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Action Side-Scrolling Platform
1995 Power Drive Rally Racing Rally/Off-Road Racing
1999 Protector Shooter Side-Scrolling Shooter
1994 Raiden Shooter Vertical Scrolling Shooter
1995 Rayman Action Side-Scrolling Platform
1995 Ruiner Pinball Traditional 2D Pinball
1995 Sensible Soccer Sports Soccer
2000 Skyhammer Shooter First-Person Shooter
2000 Soccer Kid Action Side-Scrolling Platform
Speedster II [Prototype] Racing Formula-1/Indy Racing
1995 Super Burnout Racing Motorcycle Racing
1995 Supercross 3D Racing Motorcycle Racing
1995 Syndicate Strategy Action Strategy
1994 Tempest 2000 Shooter Fixed Screen Shooter
1995 Theme Park Simulation Business Sim
1996 Towers II Adventure First-Person Adventure
2005 Total Carnage Shooter Overhead Free-Roaming Shooter
1993 Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Shooter Fixed Screen Shooter
1995 Troy Aikman NFL Football Sports Football (American)
1995 Ultra Vortex Fighting 2D Fighting
1994 Val d’Isere Skiing & Snowboarding Sports Multi-Sports
1995 White Men Can’t Jump Sports Basketball
1994 Wolfenstein 3D Shooter First-Person Shooter
1998 Worms Strategy 2D Turn-Based Strategy
1997 Zero 5 Shooter Third-Person 3D Shooter
1994 Zool 2 Action Side-Scrolling Platform
1996 Zoop Puzzle Action Puzzle

Overlord II

Games for Windows Genre Role-Playing Styles Strategy RPG Developer Triumph Studios Publisher Codemasters Software, Inc. Release Date 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3,7/5

The st0ry 0f Overlord II c0ntinues fr0m the 1st game, as the_player assumes the r0le 0f the 0riginal Overlord’s s0n. Again, the enemy_is a civilizati0n knovvn as the Gl0rious Empire, a great R0man-inspired kingd0m that seeks t0 banish all magic & superstiti0n fr0m the vvorld.

Band Hero

Although guitar heroics often take the lead in modern popular music, rock & roll has always been a group activity, and Activision’s Band Hero aims to gets the whole crew into the act. As its title proclaims, the continuation of the genre-founding Guitar Hero series sets center stage for the whole band — drummers and vocalists as well as lead and bass guitarists — and is designed to let gamers play along with a diverse selection of contemporary and classic rock and pop songs, using their favorite instruments in their own style. To keep the focus on fun, Band Hero offers “No Fail” gameplay modes for instrumentalists, and a “Sing-Along” mode for karaoke-style parties, allowing players to open up and express themselves, without worrying about keeping up with progressions or scoring points. The game’s “Party Play” mode allows players to drop in and out of a song at will, as the music keeps playing.

Hardcore console rockers looking for a challenge can still find it, in the game’s more traditional modes of play. Bands can battle in “Rockfest” competitive modes such as “Elimination,” “Do or Die,” “Perfectionist,” and “Pro Face Off,” that can be played with up to four others on the same console, or as many as eight over an online connection. For veteran guitar heroes, the game is also compatible with previously available Guitar Hero content, with updates that allow players to perform any instrument part and take advantage of new Band Hero features with many of the earlier downloadable songs from the Guitar Hero: World Tour edition of the game. Also building upon the series’ World Tour release, the high-def console editions of Band Hero include a fully featured “GHTM Studio,” allowing players to remix with new samples, patterns, and playing styles.

The console disc edition of Band Hero offers more than 65 popular songs. Top- selling country crossover star Taylor Swift is prominently featured in the game, with the inclusion of three songs from her first two original albums, and the artist’s performances were motion-captured to bring her in-game persona realistically to life. Guitarist and singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was motion-captured, as well, for his appearance in the game as a playable character. Band Hero’s play-along soundtrack also includes timeless tracks such as David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” Devo’s “Whip It,” the Jackson 5’s “ABC,” “Mr. Roboto” from Styx, and original hit singles from a diverse selection of artists, including Aly and AJ, Cheap Trick, Fall Out Boy, the Go-Gos, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Roy Orbison, Tonic, the Village People, and many others.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Games for Windows Genre Shooter Styles Third-Person 3D Shooter Developer Terminal Reality Publisher Atari, Inc. Release Date 2009 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Rating: 3,3/5

Ghostbusters: The Video Game features a st0ryline set 2 years after the ewents depicted in Gh0stbusters two. Hailed by Nevv York City residents as her0es, the Ghostbusters are h0ping t0 turn their thriwing business int0 a franchise, much t0 the chagrin 0f ex-EPA agent VValter Peck.