17 thoughts on “Best PC GAMES of 2009”

  1. I wasn't asking a release date, I was just asking where is it? (Just saying that SC 2, in my opinion, is gonna be one of BEST pc games of 2009).

  2. Fck starcraft 2, they released their first official trailer in 2006 saying "coming this fall". I won't count on it even they have a realease date! Even have the 'gameplay' videos up 3 years ago, wtf took them so long to perfect a game?
    It would guarantee top selling charts even with bugs and glitches! Total bullsht.

  3. Yeah, COD will be the best game this year… because every other game is being postponed until 2010 including Starcraft (probably).
    On the bright side, February will be awesome.

  4. cod mw2 is a lemon, good game but with no dedicated servers, yr better off with cod mw for multiplayer

  5. Modern Warfare 2 is definately not one of the games of the year, there are so many superior shooters around

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