Burnot Paradise Review

I really like this game. The gameplay is pretty fun, and the graphics
are very well done. I only wish that some aspects had been kept from
previous versions, such as the races where you smash and make as much
damage as possible. This version has something to replace it (show) but
I liked the old version a lot better.

The good:

Very good graphics, detailed and beautiful. Damage is highly realistic
(although somewhat forgiving.) I can run at minimum graphics
acceptably well with my computer’s on board graphics (passmark software
rates it at 177.)
– Game is fun in that “arcade” style of racing, but is still believable.

Game announcer “DJ Atomica” is one of the best I have seen. He doesn’t
try to act ghetto and does not talk ALL THE TIME (see NFS Prostreet.)
Good sense of humor, and sometimes provides helpful hints.
– City is
very believable, realistic, and well constructed. NFS Underground 2 had
such a maze of a city to wade through that I lost interest quickly.

The bad:
– Smashes and billboards. They are fun at first, but I have spent weeks trying to find the last 15 or so out of the total 400.

No GPS. The keyboard key “M” will be a well worn button by the time
you finish this game. That is the key that displays the map so you can
see where you need to go.
Verdict: 80/100

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