Pc Genre Role-Playing Styles Persistent Online RPG Developer NCsoft Publisher NCsoft-Seoul Release Date Sep 22, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 3,9/5

A lot of people playing MMOs these days didn’t play the first MMOs ever released and all the rest leading up to this game. But I have. And honestly Aion has all the right ingredients and has done all the things right that made previous games successful.
The zone structure feels like a real world when you travel, just like WoW, DAoC, and EQ. Which I contend were the only MMOs that mattered. The zone structure is something I think many other developers have overlooked and failed because of it.
It has a sweet PvP system similiar to vanilla WoW’s ranking system combined with DAoC’s world PvP. I am real excited about getting involved and competing in it. Yeah, Aion is sweet. Some won’t like it, but they probably wouldn’t like any MMO anyways.

2 thoughts on “Aion”

  1. "Some won't like it, but they probably wouldn't like any MMO anyways."— i have to disagree with u there —-i've been playing MMO's since D2 came to life and believe me i've played lots of em but Aion( even if it's there for abt 1year or so ) it's not polished enough. For example the quests are hard to find and u'l find urself about at lvl 24 where u can't find any quests that u can complete solo …and let's not talk about the exp rate … it's SLOW and because of this 2 things that were not polished as they should be i stopped playing 🙁

  2. "just like WoW, DAoC and EQ. Which I contend were the only MMOs that mattered."

    Hmm… Interesting. What about Meridian 59 (the first MMO ever created)? Ultima Online (the first MMO with a skill system)?

    You should really watch what you say – it makes you look like an idiot.

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