Battlefield Heroes Review

Battlefield is an online shooter in cartoon style. The upside of this game is that the design is rather unique and fun. But a major flaw in this game is the lack of balance in the gameplay. Firstly, EA has created so called uber weapons, which can be purchased in the store and provide significant advantages, compared to the standard versions of the weapon. More benefits means more cost. Additionally, the game servers are somewhat feeble. Often this is not a problem. But there is nothing as annoying as lagg right when you are trying to snipe someone down. Furthermore, the game is somewhat fraud-sensitive”. Cheating is the broadest sense of the word is rife throughout the whole game.

All of this contributes to the detriment of the gamer. EA has created in environment in which flaws in the game can be exploited to such an extent that ultimately you can only remain competitive through cheating and profligacy. The concept of the game was good, simple and entertaining. Unfortunately, skill has little reward in this game.

Verdict: 40/100

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