Build-a-Lot: Passport to Europe Overview

Build your real-estate empire across Europe with this third entry in the Build-a-lot series. Once again the gameplay involves using your resources to purchase properties, workers, and materials before making various home improvements to increase each town’s value. Objectives include building a specific number of houses, acquiring new blueprints, earning a set amount of rental income, and more. New additions to the series include random disasters such as crime, inclement weather, fire, and other dangers. The longer the property is experiencing a crisis, the longer you’ll be without rent for the affected areas. Play modes include “Campaign,” which has you advancing through multiple cities, and “Casual,” which focuses on achieving a specific objective.

Visit cities in Spain, England, Italy, Portugal, and more
Build landmarks and service buildings to improve the town and address issues such as rowdy neighbors
Features a 44-level campaign

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