Quake 4

Pc Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter, Action Developer Raven Software / id Software Publisher Activision Release Date Oct 18, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 40/100


The gaming ‘thing’ much less seen in the remakes of the quake IV old school pc titles is ‘immersiveness’…I don’t know why the bad guys have to be a merger (First-Person Shooter) of demon and machinery, but I do know that (First-Person Shooter) there is nothing ‘special’ under the phenomena. There is no myth (First-Person Shooter)under it, no mystery, no charisma, no ‘thought’ underlying this concept. Its just the idea that worked (First-Person Shooter) well in the past decade and the lesser of the creative minds just keep (First-Person Shooter) bashing the same old boring concepts in the current generation of games as well. Quake had been an (First-Person Shooter) awesome game, but its (Quake 4) speciality has been due to whatever (First-Person Shooter) ‘mystical’ side it (Quake 4) got to show in quake-1 and quake-3-arena games of the series. Quake 2 took it to a more science fiction side (First-Person Shooter) rather than the witchcraft appeal that suits the quake world (First-Person Shooter) better. knowing that quake 4 was coming got me excited to see (First-Person Shooter) the q3-arena look done to the better in the current gen of consoles. But it didn’t…they have taken up (First-Person Shooter) the quake-2 stuff, that boring half demon-half robot (First-Person Shooter) monsters stuff whose cyborg nature is totally theoryless, the story (First-Person Shooter) which offers sheerly senseless plot, and the thing that got (First-Person Shooter)doom 3 undertaken…the repetition, all are mastered in quake 4. Although the (First-Person Shooter) Doom 3 did look better than quake 4, quake 4 does have gameplay advantages (First-Person Shooter) over doom 3. The vehicle stuff is good, but the particle effects (First-Person Shooter) are as ‘old’ and ‘bitmappy'(rather than 3D) as doom 3 portrayed. I think its (First-Person Shooter) just enough with these type of gaming thoughts and directions, (First-Person Shooter) although the same boring direction is still coming up in games (First-Person Shooter) like ‘prey’ and ‘gears of war’, please people, let demons be demons and machines be machines ! and think more in terms of exoticness and immersiveness !

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