ActRaiser combines 2D action with [ActRaiser] vorld-building [2d] strategy set vithin a fantasy realm. As a deity called The Master, our task is to [nintendo] overthrow evil forces [2d] by reclaiming our land [ActRaiser] and amassing a population of followers. Action sequences [2d] allow u to possess a warrior [snesgame] statue, using its sword and [nintendo] magical attacks to destroy [2d] evil in six lands, while [2d] the simulation mode consists of clearing out [2d] deserts or swamps, constructing cities, and keeping their populations safe. While neither [2d] mode is the height of its [2d] respective genre, the unique [2d] combination and a beautifully orchestrated [2d] soundtrack result in an engrossing & enjoyable adventure.

Score: 86/100

Playable on PC Genre Action Strategy Styles 2D Action Strategy Developer Quintet Publisher Enix America Inc. Release Date November 1991 Controls Keyboard /Gamepad

How to play pc

Open Snes9X

Load Game

Open ROM, (Snes9x1.51Roms directory) play

Animal Planet: Emergency Vets Synopsis

Based on the cable channel’s top-rated series, Animal Planet: Emergency Vets invites players to make Alameda East proud as they interact and care for 30 species of simulated animals in need, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, and more. Players participate in arcade-style action and touch-screen puzzle-solving to help pets in distress. A collection of 15 mini-games allows virtual vets to perform procedures necessary for the care of the animals. Each mini-game has five difficulty settings to provide a challenge for players of all ages and gaming experience. The game poses “Did You Know” trivia questions from Animal Planet, and players receive instructions and tips from the real life veterinary specialists featured on the television series.

Interact with and care for 30 species of virtual pets — dogs, cats, horses, and more
Help distressed pets by playing 15 different mini-games, all with adjustable difficulty settings
Veterinary experts from the television series are on hand to provide instructions and tips

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Mass Effect 2 Screens

Genre Third-Person 3D Action RPG Publisher Electronic Arts Developer BioWare Corp.
Release Date January 26, 2010 More>>Gameplay Screens for Pc

Assassin’s Creed II Pc Download Megaupload, Rapidshare, Hotfile, Storage, Megashares, Rapidshare,
PC MINIMUM System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU
Memory: 1 GB RAM for Windows XP / 2 GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Hard Drive: 15 GB
DVD ROM: 1x Speed
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Direct X: DirectX 9.0c August 2008 (included)
Input: Keyboard / Mouse
Video Card: 256 MB (with Pixel Shader 3.0 support). Supported Chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or greater; ATI Radeon X1600 Pro or greater. Please note that NVIDIA GeForce 7300, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, and 9300; ATI Radeon HD3200, and HD4350 are below minimum system requirements. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required. Intel and S3 video cards are not officially supported in Mass Effect 2.

PC RECOMMENDED System Requirements
Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
2.6+ GHz Cure 2 Duo Intel or equivalent AMD CPU
ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, or better recommended
100% DirectX compatible sound card and drivers
DirectX August 2008

free download full version pc game mass effect game for pc

Football Manager 2010

– Lead hundreds of teams and thousands of real players through full seasons and tournaments
– Witness more than 100 new animations, new lighting, and easier-to-navigate menus
– Analyze every play to learn a team’s strengths and weaknesses and get the upper hand

Pc Genre Simulation Styles Sports Management Sim Developer Sports Interactive Limited Publisher Sega of America, Inc. Release Date November 3, 2009 Controls Keyboard-Mouse

Alien Hominid

This is a very fun, great looking game a very basic side-scroller that’s not to be missed. It has it’s flaws, and could have benefitted from more power ups, levels and extras, but that’s the icing on this already excellent cake.

Rating: 89/100

Play PS2 Games on your PC – Emulator
Pc-Ps2 Genre Shooter Styles Platform Shooter Developer The Behemoth Publisher O~3 Entertainment Release Date November 16, 2004 Controls Keyboard-Gamepad

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Elven Legacy Siege

The second of 3 downloadable expansion packs 4 the fantasy-themed strategy title Elven Legacy, Siege let gamers control 2 new armies and three new heroes as they make their way through 19 new campaign missions. Previous installation of Elven Legacy is required.

Pc Game Genre Strategy Styles 3D Turn-Based Strategy Developer Ino-Co Publisher Paradox Interactive, Inc. Release Date November 17, 2009 Controls Keyboard-Mouse Download Game Megaupload Rapidshare Storage Hotfile download full pc games rapidshare rpg games