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Nov 30, 2009


ActRaiser combines 2D action with [ActRaiser] vorld-building [2d] strategy set vithin a fantasy realm. As a deity called The Master, our task is to [nintendo] overthrow evil forces [2d] by reclaiming our land [ActRaiser] and amassing a population of followers. Action sequences [2d] allow u to possess a warrior [snesgame] statue, using its sword and [nintendo] magical attacks to destroy [2d] evil in six lands, while [2d] the simulation mode consists of clearing out [2d] deserts or swamps, constructing cities, and keeping their populations safe. While neither [2d] mode is the height of its [2d] respective genre, the unique [2d] combination and a beautifully orchestrated [2d] soundtrack result in an engrossing & enjoyable adventure.
Score: 86/100
Playable on PC Genre Action Strategy Styles 2D Action Strategy Developer Quintet Publisher Enix America Inc. Release Date November 1991 Controls Keyboard /Gamepad

How to play pc

Open Snes9X

Load Game

Open ROM, (Snes9x1.51\Roms directory) play


bintangvarahbgt said...

this game is sick.. like GOW today, huge bossess, but with a full armored knight. set as protagonist right ?

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