Animal Planet: Emergency Vets Synopsis

Based on the cable channel’s top-rated series, Animal Planet: Emergency Vets invites players to make Alameda East proud as they interact and care for 30 species of simulated animals in need, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, and more. Players participate in arcade-style action and touch-screen puzzle-solving to help pets in distress. A collection of 15 mini-games allows virtual vets to perform procedures necessary for the care of the animals. Each mini-game has five difficulty settings to provide a challenge for players of all ages and gaming experience. The game poses “Did You Know” trivia questions from Animal Planet, and players receive instructions and tips from the real life veterinary specialists featured on the television series.

Interact with and care for 30 species of virtual pets — dogs, cats, horses, and more
Help distressed pets by playing 15 different mini-games, all with adjustable difficulty settings
Veterinary experts from the television series are on hand to provide instructions and tips

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