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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Pc Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Activision Publisher Infinity Ward Release Date November 6, 2007 Controls Keyboard-Mouse
Rating: 85/100
The multiplayer reminds me an upgraded (shooter cd4mw) version of Call of Duty II with better graphics and more capabilities. (shooter cd4mw) But is the multiplayer overdone? In Modern Warfare, you get (shooter cd4mw) the feeling you have less ability to control your fate. You are not as agile, and can be mortally wounded more easily. In fact, the replay is needed (shooter cd4mw) because quite often you don't know what hit you. Including (shooter cd4mw) taking a bullet through a wall. Soldier movement is slow and weighted down. The arm movement (shooter cd4mw) while running is too pronounced. You get the perception that you are weighted down and do not have the nimbleness of Call of Duty II or III multiplayer. All shooting is (shooter cd4mw) standing up, no ability to jump down and shoot heavy arms. I found myself swithing games to to Call of Duty III after about one of duty modern warfare cracked servers, nosteam servers, no cdkey servers, modern warfare rapidshare, megashares


Anonymous said...


Tanzeel Abbas said...

it is the fantastic game

Anonymous said...

The game is awsome!
But this review is never enough to say its awsomeness!
Oh... And Actually, this game runs on Piv(@2.4GHz)

youssef said...

i love war games ;)

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