King’s Bounty Armored Princess

Katauri Interactive’s fantasy role-playing series continues with a new world to conquer and a new female protagonist in King’s Bounty: Armored Princess. Players take on the role of Princess Amelie and guide her through the uncharted world of Teana in search of her mentor Bill Gilbert. Amelie is joined on her quest by a pet dragon, a horse that can sprout wings and fly, an armor-bearer who carries extra items, and a cadre of mages, warriors, and paladins. Together, the party engages in turn-based battles with a variety of enemies, including the fearsome and bloodthirsty new race of Lizardmen. Other missions find players searching for resources and treasure, all the while gaining experience and unlocking new skills and abilities.

Rating: 85/100

Pc Genre Role-Playing Strategy RPG Developer Katauri Interactive Publisher 1C Company Release Date November 20, 2009 Controls Keyboard-Mouse

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