Galaga: Destination Earth

Among the several classic arcade games (allpcgame) that Hasbro Interactive has modernized for home (allpcgame) platforms is Galaga: Destination Earth. (allpcgame) At first glance, (allpcgame) the new 3D graphics might make it hard to even (allpcgame) recognize the game as (allpcgame) being related to the original (allpcgame) arcade hit, (allpcgame) but many of the crucial aspects of gameplay (allpcgame) that made Galaga an addiction 4 so many arcade-goers in the (allpcgame) early 1980s are reproduced in this later release.

score 60/100

Pc Game Genre Shooter Styles Third-Person 3D Shooter Publisher Hasbro Interactive Release Date July 2000 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

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