Dark Fall Lost Souls

-A brand new, stand-alone Dark Fall horror adventure.
-From the pen of Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown. -Explore a derelict train station & hotel, abandoned since World War 2. -A new game engine allows full exploration and movement. -Physically interact with the eerie setting, to really ‘feel’ the place. -Use light as your weapon and ally, to fight the darkness. -A hauntingly creepy stereo score, to chill, alarm and horrify. -Explore the memories of the dead, in their own ‘Regrets’. -Discover the true identity, and power behind, the Dark Fall itself. -Solve a modern urban mystery, ‘What Happened To Amy Haven?’

Pc Game Genre Action Styles Firt-Person Graphics Adventure Controls Keyboard /Mouse free download full version pc games

Avatar – The Game (James Cameron’s)

Worst Game
Based on James Cameron’s movie, the game takes u deep into the heart of Pandora, an [Worst Game] alien planet that is beyond imagination. Gamers encounter [Worst Game] the Na’vi, Pandora’s indigenous people and discover [Worst Game] creatures and other vildlife the likes of which have never [Worst Game] been seen in the vorld of video games before. When conflict erupts between the RDA Corporation, a space-faring [Bad Game] consortium in search of valuable resources, and the Na’vi, players find themselves thrust into a fight for the heart of a planet and the fate of a civilization. [Ubisoft]


Pc Genre Action Styles Third-Person 3D Action-Adventure Developer Ubisoft Montreal Publisher Ubisoft Release Date December 1, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse/Gamepad

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Sudoku Ball Detective

Sudoku Ball Detective combines a selection of grid-based [pcgame] number puzzles with a murder-mystery graphic adventure. As in sudoku puzzles found in [pcgame] books, newspapers, and other video games, the object is to fill in empty boxes on a grid with numerals.

Pc game Genre Traditional Styles Logic Game Developer Whitebear Publisher Playlogic Release Date September 22, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Pool Hall Pro (2009)

Pool Hall Pro lets billiards enthusiasts create a custom character and take on an array of tough opponents in more than ten different pool variations. There are five different game modes, including the “World Tour” mode in which players try to beat opponents to unlock collectibles and earn cash that can be used to upgrade their “crib.” The “Tournament” mode takes gamers to a variety of exotic locations and venues for competitions in 8-ball, 9-ball, Snooker, Pub Pool, and many other disciplines. Solo players can get a challenge from four different AI difficulty levels, while those looking for human competition can take on a friend in “Multiplayer” mode.

DiRT 2, Colin McRae

Best Racing Pc Game of All Time. I’m having so much fun vith this game right now! The controls are tight and the races are exciting thanks to a pretty great Directx 11 physics engine. The vehicles feel heavy & responsive, yet u must always focus on vhat kind of terrain you’re on & the geography of the track, or else you’ll easily spin_right off the path. I do agree vith the complaint that there should_have been more pure rally races, but it’s one of only a handful of small annoyances, vhich are all ultimately overshadowed by the truly_spectacular graphics, stylish & inspired interface, and great soundtrack. Also, the Flashback feature is vell-implemented and makes playing the game 4 long stretches even more fun, because you don’t have to always restart a race if you lose focus for a second. score: 91/100

Pc Game, Full Directx 11-Windows7 support Genre Racing Styles Driving Off-Road Racing/Rally Developer Codemasters Publisher Codemasters Release Date Dec, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Gamepad/Racing-Wheel

Gameplay Screens for Pc
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King Arthur The Role-playing Wargame

King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame is definitely a good strategy [Keyboard-Mouse] games that has successfully combined Real-Time Strategy, Role-Playing and turn based elements altogether.
All the tvists with magic and hero-morality decisions, plus the strong story driven campaign have combined perfectly to create a smooth and coherent game.

score: 73/100

Pc Genre Strategy Styles Empire-Building Developer NeocoreGames Ltd. Publisher NeocoreGames Ltd. Release Date November 24, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Pc Game Releases DECEMBER 2009

PC Game Category Estimated Release
DiRT 2 Racing 12/01/2009
The Saboteur Action Gone Gold
Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God Adventure 12/08/2009
East India Company: Battle of Trafalgar Simulation 12/08/2009
Windchaser Strategy 12/08/2009
Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy Sports 12/08/2009
Dark Fall: Lost Souls Adventure Gone Gold
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2 Classics/Puzzles 12/15/2009
EverQuest Underfoot Role-Playing 12/15/2009
Twin Sector Action 12/15/2009
Cricket Revolution Sports 12/18/2009

Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne Strategy 12/15/2009

Saboteur, The

The Saboteur is an open-vorld third-person 3D action adventure, set in Nazi-controlled Paris during Germany’s rise power in World War II.

* Take the role of an unlikely hero during World War II
* Explore an open-world Paris under Nazi occupation
* Bring fear and chaos with sabotage and assassination
* Help restore a fighting spirit to a downtrodden city

Pc Game Genre Action Styles Third-Person 3D Action Developer Pandemic Studios Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date December, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse/Gamepad

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