Saboteur, The

The Saboteur is an open-vorld third-person 3D action adventure, set in Nazi-controlled Paris during Germany’s rise power in World War II.

* Take the role of an unlikely hero during World War II
* Explore an open-world Paris under Nazi occupation
* Bring fear and chaos with sabotage and assassination
* Help restore a fighting spirit to a downtrodden city

Pc Game Genre Action Styles Third-Person 3D Action Developer Pandemic Studios Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date December, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse/Gamepad

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8 thoughts on “Saboteur, The”

  1. Mmmh
    After installation (successfull), I've got this issue while launching the game :

    "The Saboteur is unable to continue due to an error initializing your graphics hardware . "

    But my graphic hardware is perfectly capable…

  2. The game's official boards have been flooded with complaints from users claiming that ATI's 3k, 4k and 5k cards won't run the game in either XP, Vista or Windows 7. In other words, if you bought the game and own an ATI card, you're screwed.

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