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Dec 6, 2009

Top 10 PC First-Person SHOOTER Games


Anonymous said...

fallout 3???? wut about fallout 3?? aaaaaargle bargle!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fallout 3 rpg game.

Anonymous said...

Fallout 3 is a rpg not a shooter

Shamanoid said...

fallout 3 is RPG but it gives you the ability to play it as FPS.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever even played a first person shooter? Your top tens are a disgrace

Anonymous said...

fallout 3 isnt really a full on FPS

Anonymous said...

guys fallout is a fps rpg first person shooter that means u are looking through the charicters eyes shooting the gun dumb F**Ks

Anonymous said...

so "Moorhuhn" is a first person shooter? ;)

Anonymous said...

ladies and gentlemen please allow me :
1.Deus Ex
2.Max Payne
4.Half life
5.Max Payne 2
6.Team Fortress 2
7.Half Life 2
8.No one lives forever
10.Deus Ex Human Revolution


rohan said...

hey guys leaving serious sam bfe and also rage wolfenstein enemy territory.

Anonymous said...

Where is CoD4? It's the best game of the 2007 and the best MultiPlayer game besides League of Legends.

Mike Smit said...

#1 Half Life 2

Anonymous said...

oh 0oh oh wait what about call of duty ghosts and black ops 2

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