Twin Sector

Set in a future Earth so toxic that all of [tws] humanity has  been cryogenically frozen until the planet [tws] becomes habitable again, Twin Sector puts [tws] players in the shoes of Ashley Simms, the lone human revived during a [tws] meltdown of the life-support system. Simms has only ten [tws] hours to repair the subterranean [tws] generator before mankind is lost, but an [tws] unknown force seems bent on [tws] preventing her from fixing the problem. It’s up to gamers to [tws] help her get through a 15-mission [tws] adventure, battling a variety of enemies and solving physics-based [tws] puzzles in order to pull humanity from [tws] the precipice of destruction.
Pc Game Genre Action Styles First-Person Action Developer DnS Development Publisher Got Game Entertainment Release Date December 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

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