review: In Battlezone, you [srts] take the role of a tank commander leading [srts] U.S. or Soviet forces to gain [srts] control of precious metal. The “Stars and Stripes” [srts] units under your control include [srts] NSDF scouts, three types of armored [srts] assault tanks, self-propelled turrets, [srts] heavy strike cruisers, APCs, howitzers, [srts] bombers, minelayers, reclamation and [srts] cargo units, bio-metal [srts] fabricators, construction facilities, and more. [srts] The “Red Brigade” forces feature [srts] similar units with differing properties and unique abilities.

Platform:game PC
Genre:game… Strategy
Styles:game… Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy
Developer:..pc Activision
Release: new..1998

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