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Jan 30, 2010


Synopsis: MAGNETIS is all about attraction. Connect the (2dpuzzle) magnets to create electric explosions. (2dpuzzle) Solving this frantic puzzle will require quick thinking and foresight. (2dpuzzle) Anticipate connections in order to generate massive chain (2dpuzzle) reactions to win the highest number of points. (2dpuzzle) To get rid of blocks and score points, you must (2dpuzzle) create lines by connecting left and right magnets (2dpuzzle) of the same color by using conductor blocks. (2dpuzzle) The longer the line, the more points you'll get. (2dpuzzle) Team up with as many as three friends in (2dpuzzle) cooperative mode or play against them in (2dpuzzle) battle mode and compete for the highest score.
Plattform: PC

Genre: Puzzle
Styles: 2D Puzzle
Developer: Yullaby
Publisher: Yullaby
Release: November 4, 2009
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse
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