Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

It’s a very addicting, unique blend of FPS and RTS, vith different roles 4 every play style. If u enjoyed Savage 1 you vill definitely like this game. Bit of a learning curve, but when stuff (allpcgame) gets moving there are just so many options. Great stuff.

Pc Game Genre Strategy Styles Action Strategy Developer S2 Games Publisher S2 Games Release Date January 16, 2008 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

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  1. The game really is amazing, the screenshot should be updated.

    One person is the commander, and he is basically a regular warcraft 3 player, building stuff, ordering units to move around. However, the other players are the "units" which the commander orders where to go and what to do, although they are controlled by actual humans so they can disobey. They are fighting in a 1st person shooter / 3rd person actinon game.

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