review: The games graphics are marvelous. (Damsel in Distress) This is what PC is all about. Things like immense (Surreal) texture work and mammoth sense of scale of the world of ICO make this game jaw dropping. [Damsel in Distress] Real time lighting, superior shadow effect, a (Child Protagonist) grand amount of polygons one screen at once also makes it one of the few games that can really be (Damsel in Distress) called next-generation graphics.(Surreal) Sound, yet minute in some parts of the game, is magnificent. Birds chirping in the (Child Protagonist) background, the wind blowing adds sense (Damsel in Distress) of peacefulness to game. Never have I experience that kind of (Surreal) feeling in a game before. The game play is pretty straightforward, you got a stick, (Child Protagonist) and you hit monsters with it. That’s basically it. (playable on pc) But puzzle solving adds a great amount of contemplation and thought to the game. (Analog Control Compatible) Some sort of skill will be needed to complete the game. (Vibration Function Compatible) The only thing that (Violence) I kind find wrong with the game is it’s too short. I wanted to play more of it but it’s to epigrammatic, (playable on pc) their needs to be more to the game, maybe some (Surreal) mini-games after completing the game will help. Overall it’s a pretty solid game, (Cd) one of the best of it’s kind in my opinion.

Game Details:
Platform: PC/Ps2
Genre: Adventure
Styles: Adventure Puzzle
Developer:Team Ico
Publisher:Sony Computer
Release: Sep 26, 2001
Score: 86/100

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