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Logitech G500 mouse configuration for Battlefield Bad Company 2

Best configuration for B. Bad Company 2 is currently this:

"Button Mapping"

left mouse: attack
right mouse: aim
middle mouse: melee attack
wheel down: change weapon
wheel up: change weapon

Button 4: m, map
Button 5: 1, pistol
Button 6: 2, rifle
Button 7: 3, gadgets
Button10: f, grenade

"DPI Sensivity Levels / Pointer Movement Settings"

Number of DPI Levels 3

1600----2000(on foot, default)----5700(vehicle)
(X and Y axis)

how to use
open to Logitech SetPoint Software

Profile Manager

Apply-Ok- Open Game, Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I do everthing you say to do but its not woking?

Anonymous said...

its work, u can test on notepad,

4 (button 4) Keystroke is number 1
5 Keystroke is s
6 Keystroke is number 2
7 Keystroke is number 3

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