Metroid Prime

review: This is a nice game, (3D Graphics) but in its foolhardy effort to avoid being labeled an “FPS” (as if it were a bad thing) Nintendo (Original Musical Score) has on its hands a game with the quirkiest and most (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) inefficient controls. Instead of opting 4 a set of 1994-era shooter controls vith a lock-on button, Nintendo should have gone vith the TimeSplitters/RedFaction/Halo route. (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) Apparently Nintendo didn’t trust MP’s gameplay to convey the focus on (Original Musical Score) exploration over battling. Instead, we get to learn weird controls. (Original Musical Score I have no problems learning unusual controls, such as Gun Valkyrie’s, (Original Musical Score) but they better be intuitive and efficient in the (Original Musical Score) long-run, again, such as Gun Valkyrie’s. MP’s controls aren’t. (3D Graphics) They are a mess and really distract from the game experience. (Original Musical Score) But what tops it off vas that it all is so useless and (Original Musical Score) could have been avoided if Nintendo wasn’t trying so hard to avoid the shooter stigma of mindless shooting. (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) And that’s the only thing I find bad about the game, which is why I only ranted about that one subject. (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) Metroid Prime is a first-person shooter focused on finding our vay through areas by, literally, overcoming the areas (Features Dolby Pro Logic II) instead of slaughtering enemies, but messy controls, (3D Graphics) enacted for such a stupid reason, ruin part of the fun.

Game Details:
Platform: PC / Gamecube
Genre: Shooter
Styles: First-Person Shooter
Developer:Retro Studios
Publisher:Nintendo of America
Release: Nov 19, 2002

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