Alice in Wonderland

review: Disney did a phenomenal job (Surreal) portraying the remade classic of Alice in Wonderland.
The film was followed closely by (Franchise Characters) the game with some additions (to make the game playable of course). The voice (Female Protagonist) acting was done well and the graphics on the Pc are, lets say (Surreal) surprisingly better then a lot of games I’ve played on this pc. I also liked that (Franchise Characters) the powers in the game are very unique and some are very cool. (Female Protagonist) But there is just something about spending HOURS (Surreal) cutting down little trees and shrubs that gets boring after a short time, (Female Protagonist) and not to mention killing the same red playing cards over (Franchise Characters) and over again throughout your journey. (Surreal) All in all, if you can stand repetitive games then this one is a 10/10, and don’t get (Surreal) me wrong when i say the puzzles are fun and the parts that aren’t woods (Franchise Characters) are pretty cool, but for those of you who are like Mii. 60/100

Game Details:
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Styles: Action-Adventure
Developer:Etranges Libellules
Publisher:Disney Interactive Studios
Release: Mar 02, 2010

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