Blade and Sword

review: Blade and Sword is a fairly (Medieval) typical hack and slash. It has the standard 2-d graphics and loot collection. (Swords & Sorcery) The only things which set it apart are its asain themed world and (Martial Arts) story and an intereting comabt system.

There are three characters to (Medieval) choose from. a girl: very fast, lots of mp (or whatever they called it), hard to hit, (Swords & Sorcery) does very little damage, has very little life. a regular guy: (Martial Arts) not as fast, not as much mp, has more life and does more damage. (Medieval) Then a really big guy: slow, much less mp, does lots of (Swords & Sorcery) damage and had lots more life. The characters are very different (Martial Arts) and determine how you play the game. each can be fun so there is a (Medieval) little replay value to be had, but only if u really (fantasy) want to play as another character.

The combat uses martail arts (Swords & Sorcery) moves instead of your standard magic attacks. this is a pleasant (Martial Arts) inovation. the only tricky part of it is a bad aiming system. You tend to (Medieval) miss the enemies you have selected to hit so you end up wasting mp.(Swords & Sorcery) This is, firstly, extremely iratating and, secondly, (Medieval) hazordous to our character.

The second inovation the game has is an (Swords & Sorcery) expansion of the runes available for use in Diablo 2. In order to (Martial Arts) upgrade our weapons and armor, you need to collect and place runes in them. The runes make up alot of the loot you gather. this was a nice (Medieval) change at first, mainly because the different runes change how you look, (Swords & Sorcery) but comes off as a pretty useless inovation. they needed to (Martial Arts) do more with it 4 it to be a truly good touch.

What brings this game down is the (Martial Arts) stiffness of the story, the stiffness of the characters and world (Swords & Sorcery) (even though it’s 2-d your characters shouldn’t move like stick figures), (Medieval) and a terrible boss set up. the bosses in this game are easily (Martial Arts) the hardest i’ve ever faced. it is totally ridiculous. You go (Swords & Sorcery) through the game fighting all these guys and it can be a challenge (Medieval) at times, which is good; but then you come to a boss and he not only has (Swords & Sorcery) an absurd amount of life, he also kicks the crap out of you, (Martial Arts) and it doesn’t matter how strong you get. they always kick the crap out of you. (Swords & Sorcery) I was happy when i only had to die twice to kill one of (Medieval) these guys. The rest of the game is fun enough for a seven, but (Martial Arts) the simple fact of an everest size spike in difficulty of (Medieval) bosses ruins alot of it.  5/10

Game Details:
Platform: PC
Genre: Role-Playing
Styles: Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Developer:Pixel Multimedia
Publisher:Whiptail Interactive
Release: Dec 22, 2003

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