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The big question mark left dangling over Hitman is whether it deserves its episodic nature then. Put bluntly, it does. The additional time with each map gives everyone room to understand and digest the finer intricacies, while the special challenges keeps things entertaining and fresh. Elusive Targets meanwhile offer unique bonuses for killing them, but you only get one shot. These are neat additions, but there is an unshakeable feeling they have been included purely to justify Hitman being episodic. The fact the Elusive Targets can disappear after a matter of days makes it feels as if gamers are being punished if they don’t get in the door early. Read full



Hitman has refined its gameplay, while having options that help newcomers, but should not upset existing fans, and as such, is a solid start that hopefully keeps getting better and upping the variety with each mission added. Read full



If the prospect of slowly picking apart the mechanics of giant stealth sandboxes is exciting for you, then Hitman should provide a wonderful experience. But if you’re a one-and-done type of player, then you should look elsewhere. Read full



We will have to wait and see if Hitman’s episodic format will turn out to be a successful approach. Right now the experience seems somewhat abrupt. But what´s really important here is that the gameplay is a step in the right direction with a creativity, freedom and fair difficulty comparable to some of the series’ greatest moments. Read full



Hitman aims to be the ultimate Hitman game but fails to deliver a good experience to the user due to many technical issues and a business model that is difficult to fit in the industry. Read full


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