Just Cause 2

review: Rico returns to action in the (Skydive from planes) sequel to Avalanche Studios’ great action game.

Just CauseII stars agent Rico Rodriquez, back to wreak havoc once again, (infiltrate enemy compounds) this time with a new destination the huge playground of the South East Asian islands of Panau. (leap off mountains) The sequel features more stunts, vehicles and weapons than ever before and an incredible overhauled grappling hook system. (infiltrate enemy compounds) Panau itself is an incredibly detailed and vast 1000 sq km game world of different (and even enemies) climates and ultra-realistic weather effects. (world spanning) Leap from your plane and skydive from 10,000 feet down into a tropical jungle, (pilot a helicopter or plane) tear across an arid desert in a dune buggy or climb your (Hitch a ride in a 4×4) way up a snowy mountain in a 4×4. The vast open-ended, unique gameplay is back, allowing (snow-capped mountain) you full freedom once again to free roam and explore the massive world of Panau and tackle (1,000 square kilometer) your assignments however you want. 86/100

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows 7, Vista
Genre: Action
Styles: Action Adventure
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Release: Mar 23, 2010

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