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Mar 4, 2010

Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantis

review: This game be slaps ever (Under the Sea) hardcore silent hunter fan which we all put up with (drm).
(Under the Sea) This game is unrealistic,an arcade version of the previous (Guide WWII-era German U-boats through the enemy-filled waters of the Atlantic) installments, i personally rather play silent hunter 4 and if i want (Helm and explore detailed ships) German subs i will i play the add on, if i want to use a snorkel i will play the (first-person perspective) outdated but still good silent hunter 3.The torpedo aim system is just plain bad. (Naval Combat) The depth,speed, no rudder display, are all flash but not historically right (waters of the atlantic) or even easy to use,or allow you to use it without some problem. (Under the Sea) This game is all flash, with some bell and whistles,the fps view just slow you down when need to go some where quick, (Mild Language) you need to go some thing eg radio,hydrophone. The ability (detailed ships) system is just plain weird,and unrealistic way.

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows,7,Vista,Xp
Genre: Simulation
Styles: Naval Combat Sim
Release: Mar 02, 2010


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