Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

review: As a long time Sega fan from (High-octane kart racing with favorite Sega characters) back in the Genesis days,
Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is almost a dream come true. (Anthropomorphic) I say “almost” because the game relies heavily on only a handful of licenses (Sonic, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio and Billy Hatcher). (Anthropomorphic) I would love to have seen more variety (where’s the Streets of Rage gang, Shinobi, or even Flicky?).

However, I guess that’s what sequels are 4. As it stands, this game is the best kart racing game I’ve ever played! (Anthropomorphic) The tracks are wild and crazy, the graphics are gorgeous, (Comic Mischief) the frame rate is solid and the controls are so simple and responsive (go-kart) you won’t even think about them.

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is (Anthropomorphic) the most addictive game I’ve played in recent memory. (Animals) No matter how many times you race through these tracks, you’re (different characteristics) still blown away by their top notch design and utter zaniness.

Game Details:
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Styles: Kart Racing
Developer:Sumo Digital
Release: 2010

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