Supreme Commander 2

summary: The story starts with (Choose from three warring factions) the newlyelected president’s assassination. (Includes an 18-mission single-player campaign) A trailer for the game released at the Entertainment Software Association’s 2009 (Manage your army in detail with the strategic zoom view) Electronic Entertainment Expo indicates that the story takes place 25 years after the conclusion (Manage your army in detail with the strategic zoom view) of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and centers on the breakdown of peaceful relations (Choose from three warring factions) between the United Earth Federation, the Aeon Illuminate, and the Cybran Nation, (Includes an 18-mission single-player campaign) implying that war has been instigated through a single bullet. (Fantasy Violence) Supreme commander 2 is more focused on conflicting characters rather (pcrts) than ideologies.

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Win7,Vista,Xp
Genre: Strategy
Styles: 3D Real-Time Strategy
Developer:Gas Powered Games
Publisher:Square Enix
Release: Mar 02, 2010

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