Armageddon Empires

review: Armageddon Empires would have (trn-based strategy) made an good board-and-card game, but it is so deep, complex and expansive (choice of faction) that including all that in a box would cost a small (machine empire) fortune. The armies have incredible flavour and can be (empire of man) fully customised. The biggest problems with the game (cults of the wastelands) are its ugly interface and the incessant die rolling. While I quite (tip of the spear) like watching the die roll mechanics play out, it becomes (couple times) repetetive and annoying to watch (and hear) reroll after reroll due to ties. (dice rolls) Includes two free expansion packs.

Game Details:
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Styles: Turn-Based Strategy
Developer:Cryptic Comet
Publisher:Cryptic Comet
Release: Jan 15, 2008

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