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The Games Machine

The developers of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada openly wanted to create a videogame with a feeling as close as possible to the original board game, and to that extent, their goal is achieved. The single player campaign feesl a little bit repetitive from time to time, but overall, fans of strategy games and Warhammer 40.000 will be more than pleased. Read full


PC Games (Germany)

Quotation forthcoming. Read full



Battlefleet Gothic is a mixed bag. The slow pace hinders a game that should be all about letting you jump in to epic space battles but as you develop, leveling up ships and customising your fleet to what you want, it does prove itself to be a strong contender. Read full


God is a Geek

Despite some minor frustrations Battlefleet: Gothic Armada is a fun RTS that isn’t too unwelcoming to people new to the genre. Read full


Eurogamer Italy

This RTS game is very challenging to master and will need a lot of time for you to be crafty with the different skills, manoeuvres and tactics. Not a game for everyone though. A must try for all Warhammer 40k fans. Read full


Hooked Gamers

Battlefleet: Gothic Armada is a competent if slightly laborious first foray into the realms of Warhammer 40,000’s space battles, but there is potential here. As Dawn of War II changed almost all the elements of its precursor for the better, it will be interesting to see what Tindalos would do next were it to return to this franchise. Read full


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