Deathtrap Dungeon

review: Deathtrap Dungeon is an action game brings 10 grueling levels where the Warriors chosen (“Thirteen devastating weapons include swords”) have to fight, hack and slash their way thorugh a (3D gameplay) dealy dungeon filled with Ugly monsters and deadly traps.

The Hacking and Slashing in this game is good, (Battle over 50 monsters throughout 20 different 3D environments) you can hack the crap out of any monster until they are dismembered bloody (Play as either a male or female warrior) piles of body limbs. You can also use Magic spells (flamethrowers) to burn or tear them them apart.

There is alot of blood in this game (muskets, and magic spells) and when a monster is dead, its body dissappears but its (mazes, corridors, and dungeons) hacked off limbs and blood splattered all over the wall stay (weapons including bombs, swords, and flamethrowers) during gameplay indicating a sense of ‘You have been here’, (fighting fantasy book series) you can also use chalk to mark where you have been.

Game Details:
Platform: PC

Genre: Action

Styles: Action Adventure

Developer:Asylum Studios
Publisher:Matrix Games
Release: Jul 31, 1998
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse/Gamepad

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