53 thoughts on “Good Sword Games (Top 10 Sword Fighting Games)”

  1. mount and blade is clearly the #1 answer to this….
    oblivion had some of the worst sword fighting ive ever seen

  2. If you;re judging solely by the swordplay, I can't believe you excluded Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Otherwise, not a bad set of choices.

  3. Assassin's Creed RULES.
    Mount & Blade is Cool too.
    Prince of Persia FTW.

    Sword Fighting needs 3rd person view. I wan to see the character fight, the different moves, the cunning dodges, the slashes…

  4. you noobs how about devil may cry ? LOL and star wars light sabers are swords in a way too xD fable has sword fighting aswell and so on..

  5. NOBODY CAN BEAT DOWN NINJA BLADE AND GOD OF WAR IN THIS TIPE OF fighting called combat sord fighting….facebook.com/sonaavijit

  6. …….looking at the people here makes me wanna cry ._. seriously, someone even said that the red queen in DMC 4 was/is the best sword in the game *facepalm*

    no ones rules ASSASSINS CREED series
    only revelations was not too good but rest of them were awesome

  8. Clearly the creator of this post hasn't played mount and blade: Warband

    The next best would be the jedi knight series.

  9. Dark messiah of might and magic. The best game I played in a long time. It has a good story line, and gives you choices on how to handle the situation. The magic system is kick ass, and sword play is top notch. Buy it, pirate it, whatever, you will not be disappointed.

  10. prince of persia seems best to me…. i finished all 5 parts of that game…
    btw, m gonna try mount & blade now, after seeing this post…

  11. according to me the following are the best pc sword action games
    1.darksiders 1and2
    2.blades of time
    3.devil may cry 4and5
    4.castlevania lords of shadow ultimate edition
    5.prince of persia the two thrones
    6.god of war 1,2,3(!!!!!!!1for ps2 and ps3 onlyy)))!!….

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