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The Banner Saga 2 is a very solid sequel, improving both on the story and the gameplay mechanics of the first title in the series, with the only major downside being the fact that newcomers will have to play or read about the first title to have a clear idea about the narrative and the choices that they will have to make. Read full


High-Def Digest

The two year plus wait for The Banner Saga 2 was well worth it. Stoic has managed to improve on its formula, adding new wrinkles to the admittedly limited gameplay and telling an even more absorbing story in the process. The saga is better than ever and I’m very excited for the next installment. Read full


Game Informer

The Banner Saga 2 carries the banner onward for the series, and while it’s made a few steps forward in creating more interesting tactical decisions and has added some more options for customization, it seems to have taken a step back in terms of making your journey across the world memorable. Read full



The slick design and solid gameplay really makes the game enjoyable both as a lovely 2D adventure and a turn-based strategy. Read full



The Banner Saga 2 solves many of the most urgent issues from the original, creating a richer and more elaborate combat, not forgetting to add a greater depth to the whole game system. Read full



The Banner Saga 2 captures much of what made the first game such a compelling fight for survival. It has a tendency to focus on the bigger picture and with the large number of characters that don’t have much to say, some of the emotional engagement from the original is lost, but both the management side of things and the tactical battles have been lavished with improvements. The journey is bleak and savage, but the game is great. Read full


The Games Machine

The Banner Saga 2 is the worthy sequel to one of the most acclaimed titles of 2014. The core of the game remains the same, further improved by a lot of new additions and tweaks to the gameplay. On top of that, the art direction and the soundtrack are simply amazing. Read full


The Banner Saga 2 picks up right where the first game left off, with powerful storytelling and stunning graphics. Sadly, some changes to the game mechanics have practically eliminated the tension and excitement that made The Banner Saga a truly unforgettable experience. Read full


Metro GameCentral

More a new episode than a full-blown sequel, but the clever blend of strategic, tactical, and moral decision-making is as compelling as ever. Read full

PC Invasion

The Banner Saga 2 reaps all the benefits and foibles of strict continuity. It maintains the outstanding presentation and decision-based narrative highs of the first entry, but minor changes to mechanics are unlikely to sway opinion on the unique, but slightly peculiar, combat system. Read full


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