Lead and Gold Gangs of the Wild West

review: Good game. The graphics are really nice, (western themes) as good as Team Fortress, even a little more realistic. (control of sacks of gold) It’s fun, but not as involved as Team Fortress or Counter Strike. Everyone just (intense multiplayer battles) runs around shooting each other, and I’m not sure if you can get a cooperative (attack and defense modes) team to actually do the objectives. (classic wildwest) At least that’s what it seems like.

The gameplay is sort of limited, (old west settings) it kind of gets old quick. Maybe this wouldn’t be the case if there were more people playing. There are a few maps, (battle across six different maps) I’ve seen about 4 or 5. Respawning is kind of confusing, (four different game modes) I just keep hitting E and sometimes I respawn at the base, (various landmarks) sometimes at the location I died, (trappers powerful long-range shooting) sometimes along side another teammate.

Game Details:
Platform: PC
Genre: Shooter
Styles: Third-Person 3D Shooter
Developer:Fatshark AB
Release: Apr 8, 2010
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse

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